A Night of Firsts

Friday night was kind of a big night for me.

  • I ran the longest distance (2.91 miles) I’ve run in nearly a year.
  • I ran it at the fastest pace I’ve run in several months.
  • I ate my first bug while running.

So, kind of a big deal. 🙂

09272013Even though I feel like a weenie for saying it, that three miles were really a big deal for me. It’s the longest distance I’ve run thus far, and it was still pretty hot (about 85 degrees) so it was a struggle. But I did it, and I did it faster than I’ve done any of my recent runs. I might actually be able to do this.

Oh, and the bug – I was about half a mile from home, breathing through my mouth like a dog. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that or not, but it’s getting me through. Suddenly, some little gnat-like thing flew into my mouth. I hacked and coughed and spit, and eventually had to reach into my mouth to grab the bug and flick it out.. But – I DIDN’T STOP RUNNING. And I won’t stop running.

And to keep me from reneging on this promise, I’m asking you for money! The Team Diabetes organizers have issued a challenge for all of us running in January to raise $100 by Oct. 6, this Sunday. Will you donate here and help me? If I promise not to tell you about any more bugs that I aspirate? 🙂


I can’t know – and I can’t worry…

When my best friend’s nephew was a toddler, and was asked a question he didn’t have an answer for, his response would be, “Aunt Pati, I can’t know…” He really meant that he didn’t know, but his answer has been applicable for so many things and situations in my life. And probably in yours too.

I’ve spent the last several hours entering and re-entering numbers into my accounting spreadsheet,  trying to project how much money I’ll be making when,  how much I’ll owe in taxes, how I’ll ever get ahead.  And I get worried  and upset and forget that there are so many things I don’t know, so many things I can’t know.  Tomorrow could be the day that changes everything – for good, or not. And I can’t know which it will be.

But I know the One who knows.

Dreams Deferred

I was rummaging through my bookshelves the other night – don’t even remember what I was looking for – when I ran across this:

As I held the book in my hands, I distinctly remember sitting in my cubicle at my most soul-crushing job in early 2010, staring at the cover of this book on Amazon. I remember the feeling I had as I ordered it – that it was an impossible dream, thinking I might ever get paid to write, that I might ever break free from the life I was living at that moment. I felt almost stupid for ordering it, for spending $30 on a book that I would likely never use, that would gather dust on my bookshelves. But I couldn’t stop myself from ordering it.

Now here I sit, 18 months into my career as a freelancer, slowly but surely building up a career that just three years ago seemed like an impossible dream.

My lesson – never stop dreaming. Always realize that those dreams will change, that they’ll recede and rise again, but never stop.

And the Amazon Prime membership is totally worth it.

Running For My Life

Those of you who have stuck with this blog (and I dearly love all four of you – truly…) know that I’m no stranger to declaring and declaring and declaring again my intentions of getting healthy and sticking to a fitness routine. I’m great at making plans, talking about plans, starting plans – but not great at finishing plans.

Well, if you’ll pardon the expression – sh*t just got real.

Last month, my dad was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. His mother (my Grammy) and his grandfather both died of complications of diabetes, so genetics are not on my side. Neither is my previous lifestyle of treating my body like an ongoing frat party.

So now, the process of changing my future begins. And you can help.

In January, I’ll be running the Team Diabetes Rock ‘n Roll Half-Marathon in Phoenix, and I’ve committed to raise $1,000 to support diabetes research. I’ve talked and talked and talked about running a half-marathon, and now it’s time to put some money where my mouth has been. If I get myself to Phoenix to run the half-marathon, will you support me? Will you help me change my future?

I’ll do my part – this morning I was out on the road, shuffling through Day 1 of the Couch-to-5K program yet again. I’ll build my way up to 13.1 miles by January, interspersed with weight training, yoga, cross-training, and probably lots of crying and whining.

And I hope you’ll all be here with me. Especially for the crying and whining parts.

Baby’s Bloggin’ on a Saturday Night

Hey, friends. It’s Super-Moon Saturday Night, and I’m chilling (literally, since it’s about 10 degrees cooler now than it was this afternoon when we hit a high of 93) on the deck. Watching the moon, sipping a strawberry cocktail made with berries from our garden, a cool breeze is blowing, cool jazz is in my headphones, and I’m blogging.

And life looks pretty darn good from here.