November 22, 2012

Get Fit or Die Tryin’ – Change of Plans

I’ve got a Thanksgiving day revelation for y’all – recognizing your limitations stinks.

I’ve been out of commission for half-marathon training for nearly two weeks due to a strained hip flexor. It felt bad before the Hot Chocolate Run, despite going to the chiropractor the Friday before, and it felt REALLY bad after it. I visited the chiropractor the Monday after the run, and she confirmed my hips were still out of whack. She got me back in line, but I’d run too often with them being crazy and my left hip was ANGRY. It let me know it during my run that week, and I decided to hit the brakes on my running until it felt better.

It finally felt fully better YESTERDAY. 

So today, I laced up and hit the road for the first time in two weeks. I had already adjusted my training to back myself down, and tried the walk 3 minutes/run 3 minutes intervals. I’d re-calibrated my Nike+ sensor after the Hot Chocolate Run, so my times and distances are now more realistic.


Can I say once again that being realistic sucks? I had thought I was running at least 3 miles per run, at a semi-respectable pace. To see what I’m really doing now is disheartening – 2.3 miles at nearly 15 minutes per mile. But still, I got (marginally) faster before – I can get (marginally) faster again. And I’m glad I gave myself time to recover. This isn’t just about training for a race – it’s about challenging myself to do something I never thought I could, and about achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle for the rest of my years. In that scheme of things, two weeks isn’t that big a deal. Plus, I can really see that it’s working (or it was, before Thanksgiving week hit) – my pants fit better, I feel better, and I’m beginning to get a glimmer that I actually have hip bones hiding under my insulation somewhere. 🙂

Another thing that’s had to change in my half-marathon goal. I’m still running one, but with the delay caused by my hip flexor (and the constant financial challenges of being self-employed) the Tampa race is out. Instead, I’m aiming for the annual Drake Relays Half-Marathon on April 27. It’s far enough out to give myself some breathing room, and it’s running through the streets of my beloved city. And that means more of you can join me! Who’s in? You know you want to be shufflin’… 🙂

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  1. Proud of you. I’ve had the same kind of setbacks (my knee flaring up). It’s hard to remain positive when you’re trying to do something healthy and your dang body keeps getting in the way! I admire your attitude and “stick-to-it” ness. You and I will both get there, eventually!!

  2. You inspire me! I have never run the drake half, maybe it is time……

    Just remember when you are out there doing those training runs that, hey, you ARE out there doing it, and all the people who aren’t. It’s about a lifestyle change and that takes time and commitment. Stay strong my friend, you will achieve this goal!!

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